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Estate & Moving Sales

This is the core of our business and here's how it works. After your free consultation and you decide to let us host your Estate Sale, we schedule a date. Most Estate Sales run three days, however there are exceptions. Our team then comes to your house and begins unpacking, organizing, pricing and professionally displaying your estate items. The number of days it takes to set up depends on the size of the estate and what you have going on in the house at the time. We work with you - if you have movers coming on a certain day to move the items you are keeping - we work around that.

We advertise your Estate Sale in the local newspaper, on our website and social media pages, Craigslist and Estate We also set out professional signage in a wide radius around the house to guide people to the sale.

We have a following of eager buyers.

On the day of the Estate Sale we utilize a number/tag system to maintain order at the opening. Depending on the items that are for sale it can be pretty hectic.

Sales tickets are written for all items by our team members working different locations of the home. All sales are completed by our cashier as people are leaving.

We usually offer specials, such as 1/2 off after noon on the final day, yet this depends on the sale and the intentions of the owner. This is typical of most estate sale companies especially if the house needs to be cleaned out for closing. Cleanout is an additional service we can provide and is not included as part of an Estate Sale. Please see the next section for info on cleanout's.

Depending on time constraints and the size of sale we then procede to remove our tables and displays - sometimes immediately following closing the doors on the final day.

The tickets are then tallied up and you receive your check within 10 business days of the last day of the Estate Sale.


Clean Outs

Inevitably, after an Estate Sale is complete there will be items left. Some will be offered to local charities and thrifts and the rest disposed of.

Our cleanout service leaves your house empty, hard floors swept and carpet vacuumed. Generally 'Closing Ready.'

We only offer cleanout service as an additional option to an Estate Sale. We do not offer cleanout service without having handled your Estate Sale.

The price for this service is in addition to our commission for the Estate Sale and varies according to the situation.